The Guild Ball: Kick Off! Project

Almost as soon as I decided to start playing Guild Ball Steamforged Games announced their new starter set: Kick Off!. As much as I was interested in playing the Fishermen Guild and starting right away the allure of a starter set was too much for me.

Kick off! Guild Ball boxed set by Steamforged Games Ltd.

Kick off! Guild Ball boxed set by Steamforged Games Ltd.

I had to wait until Christmas before I received my copy but I started painting it almost immediately.

I primed my first miniature December 25th and hope to paint the two starter teams in three months.  This means by the end of March 2017 I will have two fully painted 6-player teams: the Brewers and the Masons.

Table of Contents

Project Status

Model Guild Status
Tapper Brewers Painted
Hooper Brewers Painted
Friday Brewers Painted
Stave Brewers Painted
Scum Brewers Painted
Spigot Brewers Painted
Ball Brewers Painted
Honour Masons Painted
Harmony Masons Painted
Mallet Masons Painted
Brick Masons Painted
Flint Masons Painted
Marble Masons Painted
Ball Masons Painted
Straight Measuring Widgets   Finished
Curved Measuring Widgets   Finished
Neoprene Pitch    

Project Articles

Planning Guild Ball Project Planning the Guild Ball Kick Off! Project - Time for a new project. In my ongoing quest to find a game with an active group which meets on days that are convenient for me I came across Guild Ball.
Guild Ball Brewers by Steamforged Games. Guild Ball Kick Off! Project: The Brewers - The first half of the Guild Ball Kick Off! Project is complete. Time to look back on what I've done and what remains.
Guild Ball Masons team by Steamforged Games. Guild Ball Kick Off! Project: The Masons - The Masons are finished and that makes two guilds painted in three months. It was a challenge.

Weekly WIPS

Each Monday I look back on what I painted during the previous week.

Kick Off and the Return of the Weekly WIP - This week I am painting Friday from the Guild Ball Kick Off starter set.
Guild Ball Brewers Stave by Steamforged Games. Weekly WIP: Stave of the Guild Ball Brewers - This week I'm painting Stave for the Brewers. Unlike Friday I didn't quite get him done but I did get a game in.
Guild Ball Brewers' Spigot and Stave by Steamforged Games. Weekly WIP: Stave, Scum and Spigot - This week I caught up to my painting goals with the help of a cat.
Guild Ball Brewers Spigot by Steamforged Games Weekly WIP: Spigot - Last week ended on a bit of a high note as not only did I complete Scum but I even began painting Spigot. How did I fare this week?
Guild Ball Brewers Hooper by Steamforged Games. Weekly WIP: Guild Ball Hooper - The week flew by and I felt like I was just holding on. I have a lot of work to do tonight to keep on pace.
Guild Ball Brewers Tapper by Steamforged Games. Weekly WIP: Tapper for Guild Ball - By the middle of this week it looked like I wasn't going to make any progress on my projects but a late weekend surge caught me up.
WWII Canadian Anti-Tank Team by Warlord Games. Weekly WIP: Bolt Action Anti-Tank Gun - An escalation league for miniatures wargaming sounds fun, until you have to keep escalating month in and month out.
Guild Ball Masons Mallet and Honour by Steamforged Games. Weekly WIP: Guild Ball Masons Honour and Mallet - Getting back on track by painting Mallet and Honour in one week.
Guild Ball Masons Flint and Brink by Steamforged Games.q Weekly WIP: Brick and Flint - Another week, another two miniatures. That's right, my plan to paint two miniatures at once has paid off and I was able to finish Brick and Flint.