Deadzone Faction: Enforcers

The Enforcers are the human faction in Deadzone who represent elite troops of the Corporation. They have the best weapons, the best armour and the best training. Their job is to go in and do the jobs that are either to difficult or sensitive for the Corporation’s regular troops. Controlled by the Corporation’s central ruling council they are the answer to the question: how do you control those who control the galaxy?

At least, that’s the feeling I get from reading the fluff in the Warpath II rules published by Mantic Games. Essentially they are elite troops with slick armour and weapons. Visually they remind me of Cerberus from Bioware’s Mass Effect series.


The basic enforcer stat line was published in the beta rules on the Kickstarter page. They shoot well, hitting on 4+ on a D8. Their melee is not as strong at 6+. They have a Survive of 4+ and armour of 2. This means that they will tend to roll more success on their survive rolls vs. an opponent shooting and even if you land a hit you have to beat their score by 3 to inflict a wound unless you have armour piercing weaponry.

There is also an assault troop which trades shooting accuracy and range for a slightly better melee at 5+ with an AP1 wristblade.

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