Batman Miniature Game Strategy and Tactics

Let me preface this by admitting that my tactical skills are far surpassed by my painting skills. Actually, I don’t think that’s putting it strongly enough. Let’s say that I am better at unassisted human flight than I am at wargames. That’s about right.

Seems strange then to create a section of my blog for strategy and tactics. It’s really more for me than for my readers. I think when I write and writing about the game will help me think about it. Hopefully I’ll get comments to correct any novice mistakes which will make me a better gamer.

Knight Models Frank Miller Batman painted by Tyler Provick Frank Miller Batman Tactics - Now that I've played a few games of Batman Miniature Game I'm going to give a second thought to the models I use to see if I can improve my gameplay.

Even a short comment makes my day.

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