Are Mantic Kickstaters Hurting Their Games?

Tyler Provick

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3 responses

  1. Tenshi says:

    You forgot to mention their Warpath Kickstarter, which hasn’t been delivered yet.

    I’m in a similar position to yours, a little discontent with Kickstarter. I like Mantic’s games, and their sci-fi background and aesthetics are appealing.

    Their heavy focus on Kickstarters it’s really giving the impression that they don’t care about supporting their games. Which makes people reluctant to try their games.

    The only game that has a small following is KoW (and it has more to do with the end of Warhammer than anything else).

    I hope that perception changes, but I can’t say it’s not their fault.

    • I really wish it wasn’t the case. Especially with the introduction of historical army rules for use with KoW fantasy armies. If there was a community I’d be jumping in with my Republican Romans, or Greek Hoplites, or any of the amazing hard plastic historical kits I wish I could make use of.

  2. Carl Woodrow says:

    Up to now I’ve been largely positive about Mantic’s games and have backed several. There’s no dispute here you get a lot of bang for your buck, BUT…
    I’ve felt the quality of the games themselves has declined and I’ve struggled to find the same degree of innovation and polish in Deadzone and recently Dungeon Saga that I did with Dreadball. Is that down to being jaded as a result of each kickstarter rapidly following it’s predecessor or genuinely because they have been rushed?
    Answer: I don’t know, but I do know I haven’t backed Star Saga because it feels to me they have moved on already and have little intention to further develop Dungeon Saga. That might be completely wrong but it’s how Mantic now come across to me.

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