Infinity 3rd Edition

Tyler Provick

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  1. Greg McDonald says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic about third edition. I stopped playing Infinity a while ago because of a certain roughness I found with the basic rules and extra complexity introduced by the expansion books. I’m hoping that they can polish up the rough edges and get rid of some needless complexity.

    • I’m curious as to which bits you found complex. For me I had trouble with all of the keywords. It made reading troop profiles difficult because so much of what they did was keyworded elsewhere. On the other hand I know that keywords are the best way to handle so much complexity and I’m sure if I played regularly they would have sunk in.

      I think the rule clarification I’m most looking for is reaction shooting timing. If you ARO someone it says you can attack them at any point during their activation. However the common consensus is that you can only attack them during their first action. I disagree and I think that the confusion stems from improper translation.

      • says:

        The nested keywords like Valour with other keywords contained within it, and inconsistent use of Level (x) bother me. Also some skills just need a clean up and simplification. Reading the FAQ on Camouflage gives me a headache.

        ARO could use some clarification on timing I agree. My main problems was if I even showed a toe out of cover it seemed my model and his fireteam would disappear in a missle launcher inferno. Maybe we weren’t playing with enough terrain but once an enemy missile launcher had a good vantage point, game over. I would be happy if certain weapons couldn’t shoot in ARO.

      • Mark H says:

        You must delcare your ARO action after the fist action t=you see them do, if you choose to do nothing then you can not change this reaction later.
        for example if you see a model move, you may decide you wish to shoot them, they then take the second action, maybe shoot back.
        but if you decided not to react to the first action (might not want to come out of camo hiding for example) then when they spend the second action you can not react to it.
        You ARO action how every is resolved at the end of the second action.
        So you might of choosen to shoot them when they moved, but if they move again for the second action you can choose to shoot them at any point along this movement line.
        This means if at the end of the second movement they are closer and you could shoot them there for working out ranges if you like.
        the only exception to this is if you do not see them when they made the first action and only became visible during the second action, you can then declare ARO to this second action as it is the first action you have seen them do.

  2. Greg McDonald says:

    They are template weapons, so my first guy takes a 14 Dmg Armour Piercing (half armor) and Explosive (3 armor saves) hit. Then some of my linked fireteam teammates (trying to stay in his zone of control and still be in cover) take a 14 Dmg Explosive hit under the template.

    It’s realistic as missile/rocket launchers, panzerfausts, etc. are extremely deadly, But its also extremely frustrating to lose a good chunk of your force when you stick your nose out of cover.

    Maybe it’s the way I play, maybe it’s the people I play with, but I just usually don’t have a good time playing Infinity. I would really like to enjoy it as I love the models and the background. I feel the game punishes bad tactics rather then rewarding good tactics. Just my gut feeling rather than anything concrete.

    • I can see your point. It’s still a face-to-face roll between your linked fireteam vs. a single ARO from the missile launcher. The template is only placed with the AROing model wins that roll.

      I’m not sure if it’s strictly in the rules but we always play where people declare the intention of their move to avoid the “one foot out of cover issue”

      So, you’d say: I’m moving this guy to this cover but not in LOS. This way a small placement error isn’t a gotcha. The alternative is for competitive players constantly walking around the table and checking line of sight to their models every move.

  3. Ian Reed says:

    Hey Tyler, I was just asking if anyone was playing Infinity 3ed at Kessel Run the other day. Do you know of anybody who is running any games? I’d really love to give it a try.

    • Not that I’ve heard. I’ve been out of the scene for a bit, my last batch of Raphael brushes were trash and I promised I won’t suffer with them anymore. Timing has been problematic as when I have cash there’s always something in a local store that grabs my attention.

      To be honest, the rules are free. You could always proxy as a test. Let me know if you do and I can join you. I haven’t looked closely at 3rd Ed yet.

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