Deadzone Faction: The Rebs

The Rebs are another new faction created specifically for Mantic’s Deadzone. In the background of the game the Corporation is the main governing body of humanity. This is a vast empire which spreads against the stars and all but enslaves any races it comes across. The various alien races living under the Corporation’s rule are second class citizens at best and slaves at worst.

Mantic Deadzone Rebel Teraton

So mean looking! Mantic Deadzone Rebel Teraton, copyright Mantic Entertainment Ltd.

The Rebs are formed from those aliens and humans who wish to fight against the Corporation. This is the faction which I am most interested in playing. I really love the idea of a faction that is not racially “pure.” In a universe with multiple intelligent species it makes more sense to see factions comprised of multiple races.


There is so much variety to the Rebs faction that it’s hard to summarize them based on a couple of examples. A beta faction deck is available from Jake Thornton’s blog, Quirkworthy.

The Rebel Teraton is a big brutish reptile with an interesting ability: Teleport. I wonder what that does. He fights well with a 4+ and an AP1 weapon and he’s not quite as tough, stats-wise, as an Enforce at Survive 5+ and 2 Armour.


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