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Recently for my day job I had to evaluate Google Drive as an alternative to network file shares or Dropbox. Did you know that with Dropbox files that have been shared with you count against your quota? If you are a company with a 100GB file share you must pay for 100GB of storage for each employee. With Drive on the other hand, one account can host the 100GB and the rest of your accounts can use the default storage amount. Now that Google is introducing better mobile integration and native Office file editing it seems almost feasible for a company to fully switch to Drive.

Ahem, I digress. I did a lot of reading on Drive which I now must repeat on other cloud share offerings for this client. Next week I’ll be yammering about Microsoft’s cloud. Anyway, as part of the evaluation I was playing with Google Sheets. As a fun challenge I endeavoured to create a Deadzone army list builder. It was a good opportunity to play with the Query function and see what it can do.

Deadzone Army List Generator created in Google Sheets by Tyler Provick.

Deadzone Army List Generator created in Google Sheets by Tyler Provick.

I’ve come up with a very simple army list generator where you pick your list using dropdown menus. I would like to add a printable section, and one is there, but it isn’t fully functional. I think I’ll need to play the campaign a bit to understand what I need on the printable sheet. In the meantime you can pick your list with a running total, see a notification when you’re short on troopers and see which models you can pick for your commander. Then just use the cards as your reference during play.

In the future I’d like to introduce the option to enter your collection and use that to pick your list from. These are shared through Google Drive so you can add them to your own Drive to act as a template while making copies for your lists. This way you can always see any changes I make to the originals.

You can find the sheets here:

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