Guild Ball Kick Off! Project: The Masons

Tyler Provick

Tyler Provick is a writer and a gamer that likes to combine his two interests and share them with the community.

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2 responses

  1. Vince says:

    First and foremost – great job! Not to criticize your NMM, but I assumed their armor was made of stone (with them being Masons and all). Personally I like this better than metal armor as there are a million fantasy humans that wear metal armor but not many that wear stone armor.

    If you were going for NMM I might consider drastically increasing the contrast on the metal bits or painting on some “reflections” to emphasize that it’s metal and not stone. Honestly I think NMM silver is extremely difficult to pull off, hence why most people prefer NMM gold.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I do see where the way I painted the metal could look like stone, especially on Brick’s block and Mallet’s hammer. Or rather, I should have painted the block and hammer to be stone. Since they are more likely to be stone than armour if your brain sees them as stone they’re going to make everything else look more like stone since the colours are similar.

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