Forget Blending: How Light Really Works

Tyler Provick

Tyler Provick is a writer and a gamer that likes to combine his two interests and share them with the community.

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2 responses

  1. Warren B. says:

    I remember a similar post you made, involving an olive-green space marine and some Napolonics(?), that seems to have disappeared. I tried the basic principles on some 15mm Napoleonics that I’ve started painting, and while I think the smaller scale needs a bit more constrast, the effect isn’t too bad!

    No probs with the smaller reactions to news, meself.

  2. Yes, I do tend to repeat myself a lot. Also, sadly, I re-started the website from scratch and hoped to be able to pull some articles out of the backup but I wasn’t able to pick and choose what I wanted to restore.

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