5 Reasons Skipping Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter Sucks

Tyler Provick

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4 responses

  1. SinSynn says:

    I’m just tired of Mantic not being able to release a product that isn’t crowd-funded. Like, ever.
    I mean c’mon now- how can a company continue to pay the rent if they don’t have money to produce anything? It’s tiresome now.

    I like Mantic too. I have a ton of their stuff. But I think I’ll just stick to buying stuffs from their website when I want it, thanks…

    Considering the average turnaround time for actually receiving Kickstarter stuffs is agonizingly long, my policy pretty much applies to every company making figs and games now.
    When it’s available on their websites I’ll buy it. I’ve got enough minis and I can resist the ‘extras.’
    It’s tough sometimes, sure…but I can hold out.

  2. I hear you SinSynn. Kickstarter has enabled many companies to produce games that would have been impossible otherwise, which is good, but sometimes I wonder if it’s a disadvantage to the gamers who can’t find anyone to play the Post Apocalyptic Zombie Skirmish game they backed because everyone else has backed some different Post Apocalyptic Zombie Skirmish game.

    I’m backing Dungeon Saga. If it’s a great game then I’ll have a tonne of awesome stuff for it. If it’s not than I’ll have a tonne of stuff I won’t use. Same for the Heavy Gear kickstarter. The last Heavy Gear game I bought made me drop their product for years. The kickstarter is the first thing they’ve produced that I’m buying and I really hope that the extra money from the kickstarter will be able to realize the full potential of their IP.

    As for Mantic in particular, at least they don’t put too much kickstarter exclusive stuff in their games. I found Krosmaster Arena after their kickstarter and would have loved all their special 3d counters and terrain but it’s now only available as tournament swag.

  3. bigfatfred says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but I think I agree with Sinsynn. I didn’t get in on DZ1, but I have backed every Mantic KS since. I am a gamer, not a hobbyist or modeler, and Mantic really tick the boxes for me. So I have loads of DZ stuff, even more Mars Attacks stuff, I play Kings of War (beats WHFB on every level for me) and I’m currently waiting on Dungeon Saga. I didn’t go heavily into Dreadball, I’m just not into sports games. I play DZ and MA semi-regularly, and could play more because there are enough players in our area (but I’m in central UK, not Ottawa).
    But for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to back DZ2, or Infestation as they called it. And I think it’s because Mantic are taking the piss. They have taken several million $ in the last couple of years and have developed some strong lines because of it. Now is the time for them to start supporting our FLGSs instead of using KS as a pre-order again and again and again.
    To be fair I think Ronnie Renton recognises this (wow, alliteration). They seem to be stepping back from the KS thing and focusing on “hobby” development. How this plays out over the coming months remains to be seen, the best result is that they increase the player base organically and FLGSs get some business. There is no reason for this not to happen – they make great games. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  4. Some good points there bigfatfred. Unfortunately I haven’t seen as much Mantic stuff in the local shops as I’d like.

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