Heavy Gear Kickstarter: Painting Black Mambas

Having established a paint scheme with the Jagers I was able to accelerate my painting speed with these Black Mambas. Like the Jagers there were some consistent casting issues which I glossed over during assembly. I am not letting these miniatures bother me any more.

Heavy Gear Southern Black Mambas

Heavy Gear Southern Black Mambas

I increased the amount of paint chipping to help break up the completely green paint scheme and I continued to paint the red and white pattern on the rocket launchers. They aren’t my best work but they will do the job. Next I tackle the Iguanas.

Tyler Provick

Tyler Provick is a writer and a gamer that likes to combine his two interests and share them with the community.

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2 responses

  1. Painting notwithstanding (you’re too nice a painter for those :P) the minis look as if the pic was all stretched out. They look very, very weird to me.

  2. Yes, they are noticeably tall and skinny. They made the cockpits thinner and the shoulder mounts larger.

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