Deadzone Faction: Marauders

When I first saw the Marauders I was reminder of the cover of one of the old White Dwarfs I borrowed from my buddy way back when I first started playing miniature wargamers. It had a couple of WWII-looking Orks fixing an Ork Dreadnaught. These were old magazines and the Orks of the time were very different, looking like something more out of Mad Max than military “men.”

Those arms look unwieldy but painted up they don't look half-bad. Marauder Ripper Suit copyright Mantic Entertainment Ltd.

Those arms look unwieldy but painted up they don’t look half-bad. Marauder Ripper Suit copyright Mantic Entertainment Ltd.

Mantic’s Marauders remind me of those Orks I thought looked so cool and so I was initially excited to play them. I still might, I have this half-baked idea that I’ll paint up one of each faction.

The Marauders, or Orx, were a savage species thought once to be a warrior caste of an ancient alien culture thought long extinct. When the Corporation sought to exterminate them they fought back with a ferocity and military cunning that impressed their leaders. The Orx were recruited as the Council of Seven’s private army and served well.

Eventually the Orx tired of their subservient role and rose up against their overlords. Those Orx which didn’t rebel were cleansed. The rebels fled and spread across the galaxy, multiplying rapidly.


Once again using the faction decks published on Jake Thornton’s blog Quirkworthy I will look at a couple of

A Marauder Commando seems to be the basic unit of this faction. He is neither particularly fighty or shooty, but neither is he bad at either. Stats-wise he’s about the same as an Assault Enforcer with less armour, fighting and hitting on 5+. However he out-ranges the Assault Enforcer and out-fights a regular Enforcer.

Ripper Suits seem to be a fan favorite already, although I’m not a fan of the model. The arms just look too bulky for my taste. Then I’ve been painting Infinity for the last little bit so everyone’s arms look bulky. Most of the Ripper Suits’ power comes from their weapons and I don’t know what they do. I do notice that they are as tough as a regular Enforcer, Survive 4+ and 2 Armour. I bet their weapons do a whole lot of damage though.

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