Even though this game hasn’t been released I am hoping it will be a big part of my future gaming. To the point where I’ve started this section of my website on it. Here you will find a collection of long-form articles on Mantic Games’ Deadzone. I will also be posting shorter pieces to my blog feed, so make sure you subscribe to keep current.

The Game

Deadzone is a game produced by Mantic Games. It was the subject of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 and released December 2013. I was attracted to the games similarity to Games Workshop’s Necromunda. The two games connect at only the most important (for me personally) points: Both are small-scale skirmish games with low model counts. Both offer a campaign system where your forces can improve over time. Finally, both have a multi-level fully practical terrain system.

I’m happy to say that the similarities end there. Mantic has always filled me with a vague sense of unease. As I’m not a fan of Games Workshop I’m not looking for a direct replacement. I don’t like the idea of copy-cat IP because I feel if you are going through the trouble of sculpting and designing miniatures you might as well produce something I couldn’t get anywhere else.

For Deadzone Mantic hasn’t aped the idea of gangs in the slums of a giant city or the idea of fighting for territory. Instead they’ve come up with their own background and forces. Sure, Orx is Orks but the Plague and my favorite faction, the Rebs, are new.

The rules are also a radical departure from Necromunda and match my current preference for simple, elegant rules that let players think about their strategy instead of thinking about the rules.

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