Deadzone Asterians Are Not Taudar

Tyler Provick

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4 responses

  1. Warren B. says:

    They totally ripped those shoulder vanes off Alien, the swines. BOYCOTT

    Srsly tho, looks fine to me. I think we’re well past the ‘Simpsons did it’ point in pop or nerd culture; or in a more genteel reference, there’s nothing new under the sun. If they’re a wee bit eldarish I don’t think it’s something to write to the Daily Mail about.
    Besides, I kinda like the avatar/surrogates aspect to them, and I think the insect-skinny look fits an army of space elf robots better than an army of fantasy elf… elves.

    By the way, I’ve seen the term bandied about but I’m not sure what it refers to, exactly. What’s a ‘taudar’?

  2. I’m not sure, to be honest, what is a Taudar. It was just what someone compared them to. I think it is a form of combined hate towards both Tau and Eldar in that they are annoyingly shooty?

    I left the GW fold a long, long time ago and every GW price increase brings a smile to my face. I do not subscribe to the “too big to fail” theory when it comes to them.

    • Warren JB says:

      I googled it: apparently it’s Tau with Eldar allies (or vice-versa), which was a particularly popular form of min-maxing in 6th ed 40K.

      (Me, I bought the 5th ed starter set before I realised I’d already given up in 4th. I still kinda like some 40K fluff and minis, so every price increase brings raised eyebrows and a head-shake to me. And after the last financial report they *definitely* don’t look too big to fail.)

      Anyway, Deadzone! I’ve been thinking of picking up Infinity as a first-choice sci-fi skirmish game, but these asterians are growing on me. Do you have any opinions on which is better…? 😉

  3. Which is better, Deadzone or Infinity? They each scratch a different itch. Deadzone is inexpensive, easy to recruit friends into with simple rules which still allow for plenty of tactical play. It also has a Necromunda-style campaign which I love.

    Infinity has beautiful miniatures that I just want to paint and I love the ARO rules.

    If I had to choose I think I’d go for Infinity. I am happy when I’m painting a miniature I like. Sooner rather than later I’m likely to get tired of Deadzone’s miniatures quality.

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