Deadzone Faction Focus

There have been six factions announced for Deadzone: Enforces, Plague, Marauders, Rebs, Asterians and Forge Fathers. The Plague, Reb and Asterian factions are new factions being made for Deadzone though it is expected that they will translate into Mantic’s Warpath sooner or later. This means that information is rather light on the ground when it comes to these factions so I’ve decided to search out all the information I can find and compile it here on my website. When the game is released I plan to update this section with all the official information and any tactics I can come up with on them.

The Factions

Mantic Deadzone Rebel Teraton Deadzone Faction: The Rebs - The Rebs, a faction made specifically for Mantic's Deadzone. I think they are the most interesting faction in the game.
Those arms look unwieldy but painted up they don't look half-bad. Marauder Ripper Suit copyright Mantic Entertainment Ltd. Deadzone Faction: Marauders - Marauders are Mantics version of Space Orcs. They are not savage louts but militaristic warriors who love to fight.
Mantic Deadzone Plague Stage One. Image and model copyright Mantic Entertainment Ltd. Deadzone Faction: The Plague - The Plague is Mantic's newly created race for the game Deadzone. Will you fight them, or succumb to the Plague?
Mantic Deadzone Enforcer Captain Deadzone Faction: Enforcers - The Enforcers are the human faction in Deadzone who represent elite troops of the Corporation. They have the best weapons, the best armour and the best training. Their job is to go in and do...

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