Batman Miniature Game Project

The Batman Miniature Game project is a chronicle of my journey to bring my two small BMG bands from 200pts “starter” forces to full 300pts bands. I tend to skip from one project to another so this journal will help me to pick up wherever I left off. For example, I painted my Batman band and instead of getting the tokens and objective markers I needed to play, or adding more models to bring my Batman band to 300pts I instead expanded into a Joker band. Consequentially the first article is me getting back on track.

Batman Miniature Game laser cut token example. Making Counters for the Batman Miniature Game - The Batman Miniature Game needs a huge amount of accessories to play. Here's three methods for making tokens for the game.
Knight Models Frank Miller Batman painted by Tyler Provick Batman Miniature Game Project - It's time to get serious about finishing my Batman Miniature Game project. Most of the miniatures are painted but I am missing a lot of accessories.

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