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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the last two miniature of my Batman Miniature Game Joker band primed and waiting for paint it’s time to start thinking about bringing this project home. I recently posted about how not having everything I needed to play BMG had created a mental barrier against painting and playing. Not having counters for the first few sessions was fine, but each session after that I was more and more embarrassed borrowing components to the point where I’ve decided that I will have all the bits I need before I play again.

Knight Models Frank Miller Batman painted by Tyler Provick

Knight Models Frank Miller Batman painted by Tyler Provick

Recently reminded that I enjoy reading project logs I have decided to start one despite the fact that the majority of the painting is done for this project. With six of eight miniatures already painted this is not a start-to-finish series of articles.


We’ll start with planning. My end-goal is two bands for Batman Miniature Game, Batman and Joker, with all the components I will need for them. I would like to host games of Batman Miniature Game for some friends.

Generic Items

The simplest list is that of the generic items every band requires. I made sure to incorporate special or extra rules in my totals. For example, each band gets d3 sewers and d3 street lamps. That means the most I would need is 6 of each. However each band can select a number of strategies before the game, including the option for an additional sewer or two additional street lamps. That actually takes my totals to 8 and 10, respectively.

  • 8 Sewers.
  • 10 Lamps.
  • Scenario cards (Used to reference the scenario during play).
  • 2 sets of Strategy cards (Each band selects up to three points of strategies before the game and the cards are a handy way to show which have been selected).
  • Two sets of 6 Take the Lead counters. 8 for the longest scenario length, plus 1 for the Perfect Plan strategy, plus 1 for the Mastermind Special Trait. Although neither of my bands contain models with Mastermind the Take the Lead counters need to be tactiley indistinguishable so they can be randomly drawn from a bag, which requires one player to provide both sets in contrasting colours.
  • 2 Ammo Crate objective markers.
  • 2 Loot objective markers.
  • 4 Riddle objective markers.
  • 2 Titan Container objective markers.
  • 4 Safe Box objective markers.
  • 7 Knocked Down/KO markers.
  • 8 Crouching markers.
  • Dice Bag.

Aside from the That the Lead counters the proceeding list can be cut in half where time and cost dictates. If I decided to model all of my objective markers it may make more sense to do them in bulk. If I decide to buy them I’d rather buy enough for one band and wait to get the rest.

Band Specific

The next list is more complicated and requires cross-referencing all the rules for each model I plan to field.

  • 45 Action Counters. 14 for the Batman band, 31 for the Joker band.
  • Band-specific equipment cards to track which model has what equipment. I could start with the equipment in my band list but it will not take significantly more money or effort to create a full selection for the two bands.
  • 4 Poison: Enervating.
  • 4 Poison: Toxic.
  • Batsignal objective marker.
  • 2 Joker Gas objective markers.

Next Steps

I recently watched a battle report where one of the players had exactly the kind of strategy cards I want. I found the source and plan to print some out on heavy card, cut them and insert them in Batman themed CCG sleeves. The equipment and some of the conditions I plan to create as cards so that I can include the rules. The objectives, lamps and sewers will get proxies made from 30mm bases with plans to upgrade later. As much as I’d love fully modeled objectives the goal is to get playing as soon as possible.

It doesn’t help that my Heavy Gear Kickstarter is set to arrive within the week.

You can see other articles in this project here.


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