Painting Expectations

[dropcap]E[dropcap]very time I try to critique another painter’s miniature or discuss how one technique is “better” than another I trip over the convergence of art and craft that is an uncommon attribute of the hobby. When I stumble I usually start a long winded explanation which completely derails the point I was trying to make. For example, this post is inspired by another post which I was writing about washes where I started my digression and decided that, enough was enough, I’m writing this reference post so I can briefly touch on this subject, link this post for anyone who wants details and get back on subject quickly.

Painting miniatures is like painting a wall. At one end are the walls of a single colour. Free from drips and of a solid colour they have been painted well, perhaps even perfectly. At the other end is this:

Leonard Da Vinci's The Last Supper.

Leonard Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

So it goes with miniatures. Some people just want to put some paint and detail on their models and get them on the table. Saying that they should improve their blending is like telling the college kid you hired to paint your walls that while you like the colour you think it would look better if they had painted a religious theme with detail and hidden symbolism which would make it one of the most recognizable pieces of art 6 centuries later.

Following the same logic if someone wants to top the Cool Mini or Not charts it’s probably time to put down the drybrush and try something different.

This makes it difficult to give people advice, and is an excellent reason to never give anyone unsolicited advice.  I hope this article helps people understand where I am coming from when I do give advice and should cut down the number of words I need to use when I do so.

Has anyone given you advice that was off the mark? Share your funny story in the comments below.


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