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There’s nothing I love more than learning new miniature painting techniques. I should be happy with choosing a technique which works for me and perfect it. Instead, once I feel that I understand a technique it doesn’t interest me as much. Then I see someone else’s miniature and I want to figure out how they painted that miniature. My favorite section of other people’s blogs are the painting techniques and tutorials. Since I want to have a website that I’d want to read I must have my own section.

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Batman Miniature Game Shield Clown Flatting, Rendering and Detailing Miniatures - Breaking down painting into basic stages helps us understand and improve.
Victrix 28mm Napoleonic Line Infantry Glazing Wargame Miniatures - Glazing with acrylic paints can be challenging if you don't know how but it is a skill that is well-worth learning. This painting tutorial teaches you how to mix a glaze and apply it to your miniature.
Vallejo Acrylic Primer Improve Your Painting by Brush Priming - Fuzzy varnish, orange peel primer, toxic fumes. All reasons to brush on your primer and varnish. Why not learn some of the positives of brush on priming as well and improve your painting.

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Paint palette with flesh tones Blending Step-by-Step: Batman Joker Thug November 2016 - Blending shouldn't be a difficult or stressful rush of quickly drying acrylic paints. Here is my fast and simple technique to achieve smooth blends.
Leonard Da Vinci's The Last Supper. Painting Expectations September 2016 - Not all painters are created equal, nor or they working under the same goals and intentions. Painting miniatures can range from craft to art.
X Ways to Paint Faster April 2016 - Finding time for your hobbies can be a challenge. Miniature Wargaming can be made extra time-consuming if you insist on playing with painted miniatures.


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