Miniature Wargames

When I was in high school this new type of game was released and took the world by storm. Magic: The Gathering was a huge hit and my friends and I spent our meager cash on decks and boosters for the game. I found that I wasn’t a really good Magic player then. I’m better now but back then I couldn’t beat anyone at the game. All I did was spend money and lose, spend money and lose. Frustrating.

Around that time a friend of mine lent me two magazines of his from the 80’s called White Dwarf. What a fascinating world, I thought. My other thought was that the fun I’d have building my armies would give me greater value for my money than Magic.

Ever since then I’ve been a miniature gamer. I love RPGs, boardgames, Magic and even video games, but first and foremost I love to paint miniatures and I think I’d like gaming with them, if I ever finished painting an army.

Wargaming Articles

Saga by Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast. The Saga Project - Saga is a 28mm skirmish miniature wargame roughly spanning 700 years from 400 AD to 1100 AD.
Guild Ball by Steamforged Games. Guild Ball - Guild Ball is a fantasy mob football game produced by Steamforged Games. Each player fields a team of 6 and compete for points through scoring goals or eliminating opposing players. It is a tight,...
Knight Models Batman Rulebook Batman Miniature Game - The Batman Miniature Game is a 35mm skirmish game produced by Knight Models and licensed by DC Comics.
Heavy Gear Northern Recon Squad. Miniatures by Dream Pod 9. Painted by Tyler Provick Heavy Gear Kickstarter Project - Heavy Gear is getting a new start through Kickstarter. Follow my progress of assembling and painting the entire kickstarter package.

Wargaming Related Blog Posts

Guild Ball Masons team by Steamforged Games. Guild Ball Kick Off! Project: The Masons March 2017 - The Masons are finished and that makes two guilds painted in three months. It was a challenge.
Guild Ball Brewers by Steamforged Games. Guild Ball Kick Off! Project: The Brewers March 2017 - The first half of the Guild Ball Kick Off! Project is complete. Time to look back on what I've done and what remains.
Guild Ball Masons Flint and Brink by Steamforged Games.q Weekly WIP: Brick and Flint February 2017 - Another week, another two miniatures. That's right, my plan to paint two miniatures at once has paid off and I was able to finish Brick and Flint.

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