Miniature Wargames

When I was in high school this new type of game was released and took the world by storm. Magic: The Gathering was a huge hit and my friends and I spent our meager cash on decks and boosters for the game. I found that I wasn’t a really good Magic player then. I’m better now but back then I couldn’t beat anyone at the game. All I did was spend money and lose, spend money and lose. Frustrating.

Around that time a friend of mine lent me two magazines of his from the 80’s called White Dwarf. What a fascinating world, I thought. My other thought was that the fun I’d have building my armies would give me greater value for my money than Magic.

Ever since then I’ve been a miniature gamer. I love RPGs, boardgames, Magic and even video games, but first and foremost I love to paint miniatures and I think I’d like gaming with them, if I ever finished painting an army.

Wargaming Articles

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