Deadzone Terrain Painting Guides

I just subscribed to a new blog the other day and wanted to share the two articles that caught my eye. I’m aware, but have never tried, the salt weathering techniques described. I was also considering the accent strips that Erasmus Music Centre painted. However these were vague, amorphous plans. Reading this articles makes me say: Yes, this is how I’m going to paint my terrain. I may go for a different undercolour and I’m considering doing some preshading and other weathering techniques. I’m also very likely to pick colours that match the hull colour and accents of the Millenium Falcon, if only to practice the painting techniques I plan to use on that famous ship. Oh yeah, I’m building a 1/72 scale Millenium Falcon by Fine Molds. I guess that information is gone now that I’ve rebooted my blog.

Anyway, here you go, some really great painting guides for Deadzone terrain:

White’s Wolves: Deadzone Terrain – Speed Painting Guide

White’s Wolves: Deadzone Terrain – Even Speedier Painting Guide.


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