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  1. Smoke88 says:

    “Rediscovery of Man” by Cordwainer Smith is Science fiction that has… well if you have read it then your mind has probably already been blown. I got put onto him and lots of other left field sci if by a good friend, he introduced me to mr Smith and I reciprocated with Alfred Bester (try him, very interesting fellow).

    Random rambling stream of consciousness is cathartic. It gives your mind some time to wander and come up with new connections. Meditation in other words! Keep doing it. It’s good for you.

    Thank you for your post, and take care

  2. Warren JB says:

    “Have you read any of Misters Martin”


    “How did you find them.”

    Hard work. 🙂

    Not to say ASoIaF isn’t compelling, but it gets unrelentingly grim and graphic at times, for reasons that escape me half the time. I’d also agree with others, to some extent, that the series has kinda started to spin it’s wheels.

  3. That’s an interesting example of differing tastes and experiences Warren. The books are unrelentingly grim and graphic but I like that. Not that I like grim and graphic but it makes it feel like some of the real history I’ve read where the good guy sometimes gets killed early on. The War of 1812 (from a Canadian perspective anyway) has a great hero in General Brock but he’s killed in the first year of the war.

    Then again, someone who doesn’t read history may not make that connection, and even some who read history would rather leave that grimness for the history books and not entertainment.

    Any recommendations on books though? I think I’m reading Rediscovery of Man next but good books only last me 1-2 days.

    • Smoke88 says:

      China Mieville’s “Perdido Street Station”, Iain M Banks “Player of Games” (fantastic for war gamers!), and Alfred Bester’s “the Stars my Destination”. If you have not already delved into these guys then I envy the joy they will hopefully bring you!

      Like you I devour good books, but with Cordwainer Smith I found myself really savouring the language and the ideas stuck with me for a long time afterwards. Even his biographical aspects are astonishing! As a history buff I think you will enjoy it.

  4. My local library also doesn’t carry any ebooks of his. Strange.

  5. Smoke88 says:

    His work is quite old, I found copies in second hand shops and at dedicated scifi and fantasy book shops. I never think of using kindle/kobo, so not sure if he has a digital presence. Critically acclaimed, I guess, doesn’t always translate to massive sales.

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