How Much for Planetfall!

Tyler Provick

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  1. Martin says:

    Out of curiosity, do you find this more interesting than Dropzone Commander? I’ve followed Planetfall with great interest and although there are some nice looking minis (the infantry especially) DZC seems like a more fun game. It’s still early days of course, but Spartan Games’ rulesets have always left me a bit cold. The latest editon of Firestorm: Armada was a great leap from the earlier editons, but still, I’m cautiously… cautious.

  2. eriochrome says:

    I also wondered if DZC was a better choice. It seems to have about the same contents plus is 100 dollars so like 1/3 off this price.

  3. I’m not sure why but DZC didn’t peak my interest. Maybe I should re-watch some Dropzone Commander videos to try to figure out why. I don’t think the boxes are equivalent. The terrain in Planetfall sounds nicer and I think that the miniatures are larger. I’m not sure how to-scale their renders are but I think the light vehicles are about the size of the DZC tanks and the rest just get bigger from there. This is speculation, of course, and having bigger models doesn’t automatically make the game better, just perhaps explain the pricing.

    Finally, I’m thinking $140 US for the set is not correct, despite that being the official price. I would be surprised if that’s what it actually sells for with most retailers. Then again, the “$100” DZC set sells for $76 at The Warstore so we need to make sure we are comparing the same things.

    I have to admit that part of my interest is having wanted to check out Spartan Games’ games for a long time and they’re releasing one that falls within my favorite genre, 10mm sci-fi.

  4. Martin says:

    When DZC was first announced I marveled at the beautiful minis and the amazing resin terrain, then I saw the price for a starter and shelved the idea. I also half expected the heavy use of dropships to be something of a gimmick that wouldn’t really add to the gameplay. However, now a couple of years later we have the new starter box and the individual starters in plastic for a fraction of the cost of the original. I’ve been reading the rules and watched videos and come to the conclusion that it’s not gimmicky at all but rather adds an extra dimension to the battle as ways of transporting your ground forces around become critical. I also find the paper terrain, while rudimentary from a construction standpoint, really makes for a evocatove looking battlefield with dropships and attack skimmers swerving around the buildings while tanks wage war below and infantry perform claustrophobic room-to-room sweep and clears! 😀

    From a gameplay standpoint the value of the sets look roughly equal to my eyes. They same number of models (counting infantry as one) which seems to be a roughly half or a third of a regular sized army with the Spartan models definitely being larger as that’s “their thing”. There is a bit more terrain in the DZC box (10 vs 5) and it also comes with a play poster to provide a nice urban playing field. I do like that Planetfall comes with a campaign book. No idea what’s in it but at 64 pages I’m hoping a linked campaign and a number of scenarios at the very least!

    Of course, at the end of the day it’s simply a matter of personal taste. While I usually like Spartan models well enough they have a very specific, chunky quality that I feel sometimes limit their appeal. The chunkyness puts them squarely in the realm of fantasy, which is cool, but in my sci-fi I often prefer the more realistic portrayals and in this regard the scale of the DZC minis simply looks better to me.

    As for the rules, well… the Spartan rules I’ve read so far have been adequate but not exceptionell. The latest edition of Firestorm: Armada both looks and reads much, much better than earlier, and the rules have been polished but it’s still not at the point where I get all excited reading them. While DZC isn’t quite there either, I definitely had that feeling of “cool, this makes me want to try an x or y army!” while reading.

    So this is a long-winded way of saying that I will be getting Dropzone Commander but of course also keeping a close eye on Planetfall. I like Spartan as a company and really want to like their games as well. 🙂

  5. Warren JB says:

    Any idea what the rules are like, yet? The minis look okay, from what I can see in the wee tiny pics (the sedna skimmer looks pretty good) but to be honest I’m getting a bit wary of ‘big-box’ games and the clunky rules gimmicks some of them have, these days.

  6. Haven’t seen the rules yet.
    I did re-watch a demo game of DZC and remembered why I didn’t like it. They used one tank in a three tank squad to block LOS to the other two tanks. This struck me as incredibly gamey.
    I also don’t think I like the entire dropship concept either. I know we have combat insertions but the way it is handled bugs me.

    Of course I could be wrong and the demo could have been a bad example.

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