The Kessel Run: Ottawa’s Newest and Best(?) Game Store

Tyler Provick

Tyler Provick is a writer and a gamer that likes to combine his two interests and share them with the community.

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8 responses

  1. Warren JB says:

    The twelfth…? I kinda wish I lived in Ottawa.

  2. That’s not counting the three board game cafes

  3. Michael says:

    Board game cafes are great, but I think Kessel Run will outdo them in sq footage, if memory serves. I too have been in the store and I can honestly say that this store is A) Already the talk of the town between geeks and B) The owners, Jeff and Tyler are the perfect team for this new venture. As a previous games/comics/cards/sporting goods shop owner in the valley, I bid them both the best of luck, although I don’t think they will need it. FOR THE HORDE!

  4. They seem to have the most in town but it will be quickly consumed by 2 players on a 6×4 table playing a wargame. At least the newly popular games like Infinity, Warmachine and Deadzone use smaller tables.

  5. Having supported Kessel Run for the last year, buying a lot of my board games through their Online store (as well as Tyler being a good personal friend, and fellow musician), I can honestly say these two guys have a passion for games, and are thrilled to finally get this store open. I think Jeff’s vision for the store is GREAT! But he’s attacking his vision through the eyes of a geek too ..

    I think the Gaming area will be a local hotspot – akin to the old days when people went to the mall or the old barber shop to socialize and meet up with friends.. And i think that Tyler and Jeff have the right outlook to provide that kind of atmosphere and hospitality ,,, where people can show up at the store and hang out to watch games being played – and loiter just for the sake of loitering in a safe gaming environment.

    Also – and most importantly, their price point on their board games are the lowest I’ve seen!!! I hope that the community supports this venture – as i really think they can be a social gaming mainstay in the Orleans area.

  6. I hope so too. I’m tempted to just head out there with a couple of games and see if I can find some players. Bring Krosmaster Arena and maybe even Deadzone. Except I’m having people over for Dungeon World tomorrow and going out to play Magic at a buddy’s house on Thursday.

  7. Alex says:

    It looks like an amazing space. I can’t see myself ever just heading down there with some games to demo or to look for a random opponent – seeing as how you might end up paying $5 to sit down and never find anyone to get a game with.

  8. Until your comment I hadn’t noticed that they’d decided on prices for their gaming area. My first reaction was similar to yours. It depends on what your life is like but $5 isn’t much. Sure, random drop-in gaming might be hit-or-miss but the dedicated nights are both cheaper and more likely to find you an opponent.

    I think they should use the space as a draw to their store. Especially since they’re competing price-wise with other play-spaces more centrally located with better amenities. I have trouble supporting that position because they’re not currently stocking games I’m interested in.

    If they are insisting on charging for the space they need to get some sort of supporters club where you can pay a flat-fee for all-you-can game access and discounts on private rooms.

    Or perhaps charge for space after the use and waive the fee if they buy over a certain dollar-amount.

    Or make a rewards card with two rows. One is ticked every time a set amount is spent at the store and the second is ticked to get free gaming.

    Or, at the very least, only charge the cover if your customer finds an opponent.

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