Mantic’s Deadzone: Necromunda Reborn?

Tyler Provick

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4 responses

  1. Martin says:

    This is pretty much how I felt about Deadzone and in the end five of us got together and split the kickstarter investment. We all used to play Necromunda back in the day and have often talked that some kind of game like it where you could have long running campaings would be fun! Judge Dredd looks good as well, but Deadzone seems more accessible in a way.

    Originally I was only looking at the terrain for use with Infinity, but the more I read about the game the more interested I became. Now, the campaign rules are fairly simple in the base game. There are some hints that a more fleshed out/detailed system might make an appearance later on, but right now it’s pretty basic. I don’t really see the kind of emergant, organically growing and very story oriented campaigns like you used to see in Necromunda. Still, basic is good to get started.

    I’ve written about my thoughts and impressions on Fire Broadside, and there will of course be a lot more when the whole package arrives in a couple of weeks. 🙂

    • Tyler says:

      Sweet. I look forward to your impressions. Most likely if I pull this off it will be by painting the factions myself.
      A basic campaign system isn’t a killer. In my “old” age I find simple is often better.

      • Martin says:

        Hehe! Yepp, even though we look back at our sprawling Necromunda campaign with nostalgic eyes, I don’t think we could actually repeat that today. A simpler campaign format with a clear cut end condition is probably the best for us.

        Will keep you posted!

  2. Bush Craft says:

    I picked up the kickstarter and some add-ons, I’ll do an unboxing on HoP but as I’m across the Atlantic I think the Brits will beat me to it.

    Ditto all of what Martin said.

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