Heavy Gear Kickstarter: Painting Jagers

The first batch of miniatures for my Heavy Gear Kickstarter project are finished, minus matte varnish.

Heavy Gear Kickstarter Jagers

Heavy Gear Kickstarter Jagers


After calming down from my initial disappointment with these miniatures I realized that I am unhappy with the amount of unpainted miniatures and abandoned projects haunting me. While in comparison to an “average” wargamer my unpainted pile is small, I’m not letting it grow any more from this point out. I think this is one of the reasons I was so frustrated with this Kickstarter. Buying so many models at once is uncharacteristic for me and commits me to a project for far longer than I would like. I would rather buy some miniatures for a game, like Warmachine for example, paint them up and find out I don’t like the game. At least I have some painted miniatures for my shelf.

These miniatures were painting with a mixture of airbrushing and regular brush painting. I airbrushed them green, adding a shadow and highlight layer with the airbrush. I then painted all the metal bits with a grey. I varied the lightness of the grey, dark for downwards facing surfaces, medium for vertical surfaces and light for upwards facing. I added edge highlighting of different intensities as well. These two colours form the majority of the paint scheme. I added a few touches like the yellow flamer fuel tank and red and white LRP covers. Finally I edge highlighted the green and sponged on some damage to the lower legs. Although none of the Kickstarter miniatures will be kneeling this is a pose that Heavy Gears do take and I can’t conceive that this wouldn’t destroy the paintjobs on the legs.

Tyler Provick

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2 responses

  1. Lasgunpacker says:

    Nice work. I particularly like the tiny little check pattern on the covers for the missiles.

    Do Gears get painted in camo schemes too? Seems like it would be an interesting way to differentiate some of the more similar figures.

  2. Yes, in the fluff they have camo although most miniatures and images show no camo. I prefer without camo as it’s easier to see their details on the table without.

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