Weekly WIP: Stave, Scum and Spigot

Last week I was a lightly stressed that I was falling behind on my Guild Ball painting goals. It took me from Monday to Sunday to paint Friday but Stave took me from Monday to Tuesday; an extra two days. I had originally estimated a week per miniature and thus three months to paint both 6 player teams from the Kick Off box. It was a rough estimate but as time passed I took it as a challenge.

Guild Ball Brewers Stave by Steamforged Games.

Guild Ball Brewers Stave by Steamforged Games.

I must admit that when it came to Stave I spent more time smoothing blends than I should. My self-imposed goal conflicted my desire to enjoy the painting process. At least with Scum I could paint him fast. I airbrushed him the same night I painted Stave’s beer foam and a could of days later finished all the detailing.

Guild Ball Brewers' Scum by Steamforged Games.

Guild Ball Brewers’ Scum by Steamforged Games.

I tried to add some fur texture with the highlight but it came out to crudely painted. Fine for a wargame piece but not what I intended.

Guild Ball Brewers' Spigot and Stave by Steamforged Games.

Guild Ball Brewers’ Spigot and Stave by Steamforged Games.

This morning I started by flatting Spigot. It’s interesting how little the flatting process reflects the final miniature. I had hoped that Scum would have saved me more time but it turns out it just let me have a few nights off when I wasn’t filling well. At least I’m back on track.

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  1. Fomorian says:

    Hey Tyler, great paintjob man and i like the colour scheme of your Brewers :)!

    How did you make the skin colour, in which steps and what colours did you use?

    Best regards and i want to paint my Kick Off models also. Just based and primed them today ^^!

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