What I Like About 13th Age – The Escalation Die

Tyler Provick

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2 responses

  1. mirorah says:

    One point. You say, ‘the Escalation Die starts them on equal footing with their enemies and that means combat is easier later in the turn.’ This isn’t quite right. The escalation die reaches equal footing at about +3. The system is weighted so that at the beginning of combat the fight is in the monster’s favour. The players have to fight uphill to get equality.

    • Is this in the core book and I accidentally skimmed over it, or is this just something known to veterans of the game based on something the designer said? When I’m reading a game which is similar to other games I tend to skim more than I should. I can believe that encounters are balanced to even up over 6 turns, with 3 turns hard followed by 3 turns easy.

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