Issue 1

tgtm_issue1_coverMay 1st, 2014.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve re-written this editorial. I was inspired by a number of websites starting magazines and filled with enthusiasm to start my own. I wanted to give myself until May to build up content to make sure my planned magazine doesn’t fail in it’s first issue. Unfortunately things got put off and I’m now writing this at the last minute with no buffer of articles to support me.

This issue will start slow with the first edition of my painting diary. Instead of an infrequent update of what I’m painting I’m going to have a summary of everything I’ve accomplished in a month. This will cut down on a lot of repetition and give me the opportunity to show finished models.

I love tutorials so there is a tutorial on how I’m painting my Deadzone miniatures. I’m painting using a quick style that can be slightly modified to give greater or lesser quality, depending on need.

It probably sounds strange but I’m also writing a guide to modifying the My Little Pony Card Game for younger children. My daughter is five and loves the ponies. The characters and message of the show are way better than most of the alternatives so I like to encourage her interest. I also want to encourage her interest in games and picked up the MLP card game. Unfortunately it was too complex for her but after a couple of tries I’ve simplified the game enough to make it possible for her to play.

Finally, I have an opinion piece on demonstrative play. I’m not sure why I haven’t written many opinion pieces on my blog. I waste too much time crafting them on forums. Demonstrative play is one of my personal favorites. It’s a way of handling the components of whichever game your playing in such a way that it is easy for your opponent to see what you are doing and not have to worry about the possibility of cheating.

I’d also love to get feedback on this new direction for my blog so be sure to hit up the comments.

– Tyler Provick


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