Aurora 5.4 is out!

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Aurora 5.4 is out!

Postby Jakar Nilson » Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:13 pm

Due to the lack of submitted content, issue 5.3 got folded into issue 5.4. :(

Table of Contents:
Alfie's Tenners (GK Graphic Novel)
Tank Upgrades 1940TN (HGB Fiction & House Rules)
Lightning Tournament for Beginners (HG Blitz! Rules)
Jovian Koma (JC Gallery Image)
Corporate Conflict - Part 1 (HG Fiction)
Corporate Conflict - Scenario (HG Blitz! Scenario)
Ligtning Strike Additions (JS LS House Rules)
Standing Tall (HG Gallery Image)
Rule of Cool Meets Blitz! (HG Blitz! Minis)
Messages from the Pod (Official DP9 Material)
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