6mm/28mm in 15mm games

6mm/28mm in 15mm games

Postby TodCreasey » Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:48 pm

Just thought I would continue the debate here.

Brian has pointed out that there are decent rulesets already for 6mm. I pointed out that many 15mm 1-1 rulesets are at a 6mm scale already such as IABSM (1/250) and FOW(about 1/400).

The main thing for me is that in 6mm infantry heavy games really don't look very good. The scale is perfect and that feels right but there are too many dispersed little dots to do it for. So you can do it and I have on numerous occasions but it doesn't wow me like other games.

To whit my current plan is to paint up more 28s and dump the 6s. I would have considered 15mm for larger games but as I don't collect that scale of terrain and WWII is very terrain heavy I thought it better to focus on 28s.

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Re: 6mm/28mm in 15mm games

Postby coyote » Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:58 pm

I think 6/10mm is great for big blocks of troops, ancients and horse and musket. For armour heavy WWII and modern, I think it also works. I agree with infantry being too dispersed.

I lean more towards 28mm skirmish
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