Warhammer Ancient Battles

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Warhammer Ancient Battles

Postby Duncan » Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:11 pm


I was just wondering if anyone had any WAB armies painted up. I have an Age of Arthur Welsh army about half completed and the start of an Andulusian army for el Cid.

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Re: Warhammer Ancient Battles

Postby WuZhuiQiu » Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:44 pm

I don't yet have any painted up, but do have the makings of some "Age of Arthur" and "Shieldwall" units in storage.

For "Age of Arthur", I could work on a unit of Irish (thanks for handling the order, Jeff), and have some Late Romans or Romano-Brits. in reserve.

Apparently, the Vikings had raided Spain, so Vikings vs. Andalusians is another combination that we could possibly game, once I get some units ready.
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