DBMM Tournament Day - 20 October - Qs&As

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DBMM Tournament Day - 20 October - Qs&As

Postby nicholasswales » Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:57 pm

A page has been added to the OMG website providing details of the DBMM tournament planned now for 20 October. See:


Just by way of explanation of some of the components, it should be understood that the purpose of the tournament is to encourage people to build DBMM armies and to increase their understanding of the rules. It is not intended to be an official, sanctioned, or otherwise highly competitive event, though there obviously will be a winner, with associated bragging rights!

It is in this spirit that we are allowing people to team up if they want, to share expertise and their collections. People playing solo should be aware that they may be playing teams of two. It is also for these reasons that we will not be using the terrain setup, weather and time-of-day rules, which risk significantly slowing play, particularly for the less experienced. Since the defender has slightly more opportunity to influence terrain under the setup rules, defenders will be allowed to chose table edge.

Feel free to ask any other questions through this Forum or the OMG Yahoo Group, where I will also be posting this message.

Hope to see you on October 20!

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