DBMM Tournament Day Fall 2013 - Format

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Re: DBMM Tournament Day Fall 2013 - Format

Postby nicholasswales » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:18 pm

I’m with Mike on the terrain set-up. The full DBMM set-up rules are quite complicated, so we need to simplify, especially if we want to get the games completed in 3 hours, and taking into consideration that several players will have limited experience with rules. Pre-set terrain is probably a slight disadvantage to the defender, who, under the rules, has a bit more power to select terrain to help him, but I propose we reflect that by allowing the defender to choose the side of the table.

Mike also raises the questions of weather and time of day. Again, these add complexity and therefore risk slowing things down. I would propose we not use them. I am probably one of the more experienced DBMM players in the club, and I’ve hardly ever used them; partly because of choosing not to for many games, and because, when I did, a set of average die rolls during set up will usually result in no weather or time-of-day effects.

Lastly, I would propose to follow the order of battle rules in the rulebook, which amount to establishing a single list for the event, with a defined command structure.

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