Second Battle of Osipovichi

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Second Battle of Osipovichi

Postby Duncan » Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:17 pm

For this battle Vince and I rolled a Fighting withdrawl and we had a terrain feature in every sector but things still seemed a bit sparse.

I had a Cossack force with 2 Cossack Companies, Rockets, 8 76mm Guns, and Armoured Transporter platoon and a unit of 5 T-34/85s. I had air and T-34/85s as firestorm.

Vince had an infantry force with Mortars and 4 Panthers in Support. He had air for his firestorm.

The Germans spread out evenly across the board -- I decided since I had to win quickly with the Cossacks since they seem quite fragile that I would hit the right flank with everything really quickly. I hoped my T-34s would kill at least one Panther and that the German infantry would stay pinned


My shooting didn't go as well as I hoped, I bailed 1 Panther and only pinned the infantry on the right flank (they un pinned, at least the panther stayed bailed).

In the German turn they knocked both of my Cossack companies down to 1 stand over half and they destroyed 2 T-34/85s and bailed one (who came back next turn)


On the second turn it seemed as if my luck was not getting any better -- all my artillery missed and no air was coming in, Then my T-34s fired and amazingly killed 2 panthers forcing a Morale check which was failed.
The cavalry then charged into the objective for the win. A quick game but a rather tense one!

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