Battle for Musaid

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Battle for Musaid

Postby Duncan » Sun Jan 16, 2011 4:19 pm

I didn't take many pictures this meeting becuase this game was really intense.

My Motorcyle troops were facing Tod's Motor Rifles. We rolled for big push and I thought I was doomed since the wire would slow down the bikes and his reserves would arrive before I could hit the objectives.

Fortunately the wire was set far enough forward that my tanks could make it to them with a move (even though they are slow) and a sucessful Avanti roll.

Here is the situation at the start:


The octogonal bunkers (and the small green bunker) are HMG bunkers and the 2 square bunkers are 2 pder bunkers. The british had 2 troops of 25 pder, a battery of Bofors, an HMG platoon and a Rifle Platoon set up on the table. I had 3 Motorcycle Bersegliari, 1 Motorcycle HMG, ATG, Mortar, Artillery, 2 Carri, and an Armoured Car platoon plus 1 88 Battery and Air Support as my Firestorm troops.

Here is the table at the end of my first move:


I made both my Avanti rolls and so got the wire cleared. I used my artillery and mortars to smoke the 2 HMG bunkers on my right.

Here is table around turn 3:


I had pushed forward and had some good assualts on the bunkers and trench lines and was ready to assualt the objective on the next turn -- But I foolishly fired my infantry with full rate of fire and was unable to assault. The next turn I did assualt and took the objective (and caused enough casulaties to force Company morale for the British on their turn). The British made the morale and 2 reserve rolls -- they brought on a Armoured platoon (A-10s) and an armoured car platoon. They wiped out the last of my tanks and one infantry platoon (and heavily damaged another).

On my turn my artillery destroyed his armoured cars and my 88s wiped out his tanks and then on the British turn they failed the company morale.

Here is a picture of the end:


The Game ended as a 4-3 Italian victory and both by Firestorm troops survived unscathed
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